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I Can't See at Night but I Can See Perfectly During the Day!

The reason my Lasik was sooo expensive is because...

The reason my Lasik was sooo expensive is because I got it done when it first came out, and I got it done by an actual doctor, not just a trained technician.  I think I paid somewhere around $3950 per eye or something outrageous.

Anyway, I had 20/200 vision with astigmatism before the surgery and now I have perfect vision.  The biggest drawback is my night vision.  I was told that I may have "halos" (where bright light seems to have a halo around it) so I can't say that I wasn't warned, but it is really bad on the freeway at night.  There's no way I can drive in the carpool lane at night because the headlights of the oncoming cars just BLIND me.  Even if it is late at night and I am walking down poorly lit stairs, I sometimes fall because I can't see far enough in front of me.

Why do I still think that it was a good thing, then?!  Well, I couldn't wear soft contacts, and my gas permeable contacts were always giving me fits.  I could never wear eye makeup and that bummed me out.  That's kind of a dumb reason for doing it but oh well!

Doheny Eye Clinic

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I had the same experience when I had LASIK in 1996. 18 years later I still can't drive at night. I just went back to the clinic that did the original surgery. They say the problem is I had a 4.5mm ablation zone and now there's nothing they can do to fix this. I wonder if the problem was the hansatome. I recall in surgery the doc calling for a scalpel. Then later while still in surgery he asked me, "Kevin, do you have dry eye?" Then later while driving away one of the flaps came off, causing the most horrific pain I've ever experienced. The starbursts have been there ever since the surgery. Subsequent PRK didn't help. RGP contacts haven't helped. The starbursts are still there. kevin
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