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I had a lasik surgery done three years ago. Very...

I had a lasik surgery done three years ago. Very fast, ABSOLUTELY painless. Have had 20/20 ever since. I don't think it fixes astigmatism, so the glares are still there at night like before. But no stupid fogging, falling glasses; no ever drying contacts; no re-wetting drops and stuff like that anymore. And in the long run I've saved so much money. I've gone from -3 in both eyes to perfect vision in about 10 minutes. Awesome!!!


i see you posted this back in 2009. Now that it is 2011, do you still feel as happy with it as you were frm the start? I too would be interested in knowing who you went to, as i would love love LOVE to get rid of my glasses!
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I would also like to know the doctor that you went to live in Lancaster myself. Please let my know the doctors name. Thank you
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Please could you provide the name of your doctor. It is not specified clearly. I live in PA and would like to consult with surgeons in the area. Thanks! Callie
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Dr. Krulewskiy or something like that

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