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Perfect Eyes for a Perfect Life

I never liked glasses and would refuse to wear...

I never liked glasses and would refuse to wear them. Then I discovered contact lenses, which worked great, until I moved to Dallas. Somehow my eyes always felt as though I had sand in them - very dry. I couldn't wait to get LASIK. My eyes and I were determined to be good candidates and I got my surgery back in 1999. I remember having a terrible headache the day of the surgery, but no more pain thereafter. It took a while for my eyes to see clearly at night again, but now I have perfect vision. I loved my doctor, and since my surgery I've convinced two friends to have LASIK as well. All of our surgeries were a success!


I had my done on July 2, 2010 by Dr. Whitman. Its been three weeks as of today and my night vision still hasnt gotton back to normal. How long did it take yours to return?
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Dallas Ophthalmologist

Dr. Whitman has a good reputation and has done thousands of LASIK and other eye surgeries. He also uses the latest equipment, insuring the most success and comfort.

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