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Best Cure for Ppl Who Are Half Way Blind.

I had Lasik almost 2 years ago in one eye. My...

I had Lasik almost 2 years ago in one eye. My prescription was -8.5 and now I am only a -2.5. It was the best procedure I have ever done.

For the first year, I had some night vision problems but now it seemed to clear up. For those who do have some night vision problems, you should order glasses that have a coating that allievates the glare.

Overall, no problem at all. I went to the best dr. in Pleasonton Ca. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Johnathon Suval

He has over 25 years experience and my friends have all had the procedure with him with great results

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May I know the name of your provider?
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Hi cc4050 - The doctor's name is shown at the top of the review. Hope this helps!

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