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Best Cure for Ppl Who Are Half Way Blind.

I had Lasik almost 2 years ago in one eye. My...

I had Lasik almost 2 years ago in one eye. My prescription was -8.5 and now I am only a -2.5. It was the best procedure I have ever done.

For the first year, I had some night vision problems but now it seemed to clear up. For those who do have some night vision problems, you should order glasses that have a coating that allievates the glare.

Overall, no problem at all. I went to the best dr. in Pleasonton Ca. I highly recommend him.


May I know the name of your provider?
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Hi cc4050 - The doctor's name is shown at the top of the review. Hope this helps!

Dr. Johnathon Suval

He has over 25 years experience and my friends have all had the procedure with him with great results

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