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Lasik is Incredible Gift!

There are some very important things to remember...

There are some very important things to remember when getting Lasik.  I had my surgery 5 years ago (at age 27), my eye sight is still 20/20.  As a mom, it is SO nice to not have to reach for my glasses during a 4 am feeding, or have to put contacts into bloodshot eyes after being up all night with a crying baby.

When you get Lasik, you must do two things:

Find the BEST doctor possible- find one through people who have had it done and were successful.

Also you MUST follow docs orders.  When you can "see" for the first time, it is so exciting that you are tempted to keep your eyes open- not a good idea.  Within hours you will feel like someone dumped a pound of sand in your eyes.  Keep your eyes closed for as long as your doc. suggests.  Buy books on tape/cd, take a sleeping pill, whatever you need to do to keep your eyes shut.  Within 2 days you will return to your normal life, but this time with perfect vision.

Also, I was told that I couldn't have Lasik in one of my eyes, I would have to have PRK instead, which is a more painful recovery-- I stopped wearing my contacts 6 weeks before surgery and the shape of my cornea changed so that I was able to get lasik in both. 

I had zero pain involved with this surgery.  I would do it every year, every month, if it meant the beautiful vision that I have.  Well worth every penny- especially considering how much money I would have spent on contacts, glasses and solution over the next 60+ years.

Dr. Donnenfeld

Expert in the field, very thorough pre-op exams, quick and precise.

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Hi!! I am looking for a doctor in LI. Just starting to do research but thinking of doing it this year. Any suggestions? I pulled up your Dr.'s site to take a look. So excited!!
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