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I've been considering Lasik for several years....

I've been considering Lasik for several years. I've had glasses since age 20 and contacts since age 23 (20+ years now). I have an astigmatism in one eye and a moderately strong prescription in both eyes. I've had no previous history with eye injuries or dry-eyes and was concerned I'd be one of the patients who ended up with chronic dry-eye or halo problems which is why I've hesitated to make the leap.

I had the surgery on 4/12/2012. The procedure itself was painless and took approximately 40 seconds/eye. No one warned me about the smell of my burning eye tissue and that made me a little queasy during that part of my procedure. Immediately following the surgery, I could see about 60-70% of what my contacts/glasses enabled me to see. I had no pain for about 1 hour after the procedure, but the following 4-5 hours after that? Very uncomfortable! It was hard for me to open my eyes and both eyes teared extensively for about 4-5 hours. After taking several Ibuprofen, I was able to sleep for a couple of hours and then the pain was gone.

Over the past 8 days my eyes have been pretty dry and I use my tear drops religiously whether I feel like I should or not. One eye is nearly 100% perfect vision, the other around 60-80%. My doc says my healing is normal and to give it time, as I may not see final results for 3 months. When my eyesight was tested on post-op day 1, they said I was 20/15 in both eyes. I don't feel like I'm seeing 20/15 (my contacts corrected me to 20/15 and I'm familiar with how that should look)...but that's what I was told. My eyes are very sensitive to wind/drafty conditions now and dry out very quickly. I'm hoping this improves since chronic dry-eyes was one of my greatest concerns and why I waited so long to have the procedure done. That's why I've listed an "undecided" rating for the "Worth It" category. I'll post again with my progress.


Thanks for sharing your info.!
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From what I know, your experience so far seems very normal since it take around 3 months for the eyes to stabilize after lasik. There's lots of quick healing but takes a while to fine-tune. Kind of like looking through dirty contact lenses at first, which is usually due to the initial dryness. If you're already charting at 20/15 then your vision should clear nicely once the dryness improves. In the mean time, try Oasis drops -- they can only be purchased at a doctor's office but they often work great for what you're going through. Where did you have your eyes done?
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Thank you for sharing so much great info with us! I hope you continue to heal well with no dry eyes!! Please keep us posted on how you are.

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