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I had contact strength of -7.0 and -7.25. I could...

I had contact strength of -7.0 and -7.25. I could not read any book more than 6" in front of me. I had horrible eye site my entire life, started wearing glasses at age 8 and I am 34 yrs old now. This is my experiences after having the lasik surgery.

Day 1 of surgery at 11am 7/23/10: My eyes felt like little pebbles were under my eye lids. I wont lie, it hurt and was very uncomfortable. The doc said I should sleep for 5 hours and he gave me some sleep aid but it was so uncomfortable I could not sleep. After about 6 hours after surgery did this sensation go away. I still had very blurry vision almost like looking through plastic wrap with water in my eyes. I could see across the room but it was very "crystalized" like. I had dinner at 7:30, took some sleep aids and went back to bed and slept the entire night.

Day 2 after Surgery 7/24/10: I woke up to see very clear. My eyes were sore and a little puffy. I went to the Doc for my check up and I could see 20/15. Absolutely amazing! I have a series of drops I am taking every 4 hours and also "tears" every hour. I have haloing or star gazing, everything that is bright has an angelic haze around it. There is no pain but some discomfort. I want to rub my eyes but I know I cant. Driving at night has been quite the experience due to the haloing but its not anything I cant get use to in the event to haloing does not go away.

Day 3 7/25/10: Eyes feel better today and so haloing is still present. But Im still happy with my vision and still excited with the results of the lasik.

Whitsett Vision Group

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The haloing is a result of abberations on your eyes. Just something you are born with. Having Custom LASIK with the latest technology on the Alegretto wave laser is the only FDA approved for night vision driving.The other advantage is that this laser treats a larger area. The result is that you do not have halo effects. I had -6.25 in both eyes so I was close to your prescription and could not see anything beyond 6".
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congrats on the happy outcome! Please let your doctor know about RealSelf!  It's free and a great way to help prospective patients learn about vision improvement.  If you could email them this link, I'd be very appreciative: www.realself.com/doctor

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