I had LaserLipo 3 mos ago on my inner/outer thighs...

I had LaserLipo 3 mos ago on my inner/outer thighs and abdomen. The surgery was painless but the recovery time was pretty painful and lasted about 2 weeks. Although I am happy with my new size, I am worried about the lumpy loose skin in those areas. I followed up with Velashape in my surgery areas, but no change. I look great in my cothes, but if my skin tone doesn't improve, I won't be able to wear shorts or a swimsuit this summer.


Are you wearing a compression garment? I am still wearing mine 24/7 and am at almost 4 weeks post op. I think it makes a huge difference.
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The staff is wonderful and informative and the Dr takes his time with you. They are never in a hurry to get you in and out.

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