Laser Hair Removal Even Got Rid of my Blackheads!

Hi everyone. I just had laser hair removal done on...

Hi everyone. I just had laser hair removal done on my nose and upper lip and i am so surprised that even the black heads have disappeared from my nose. I had dark spots on my nose, maybe from the ingrowth of hair. My nose used to look 2 shades darker from the rest of my face and i had a lot of hair on my upper lip too. I was quite tired of tweezing every 3 days. I am an air hostess and when i am travelling, i get no time to go to a salon and get my upperlip waxed or threaded. So laser was the best option for me. I got laser hair removal done in india. I am a 25 years old indian woman and due to the dark color of my hair, i really needed to get a laser hair removal done. As you know, indians have jet black hair that are very thick in texture. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to keep waxing them.

The pain i experienced was not much. I felt some burning and tingling and very hot on my nose and upper lip.The nose was red for a few days and i looked like rudolph. After the redness went away, my nose got back to normal.Laser hair removal actually worked in just one sitting for me and if i see some hair growing back again, i will surely go and get it done again. I know that just once is not enough, so i am mentally prepared to go again incase my nose hair spring back up. The hair are more than 70% gone and i am very very satisfied. The strange part is the black spots disappearing. I didn't know that this would happen. It was like paying for one thing and getting the other thing free.

Hi I was wondering if you still get blackheads on your nose
Hi I've been trying to get rid of blackheads on my nose for years will laser hair removal do it? Do you still get blackheads on your nose? Please help
Four days ago I had my fifth laser treatment for hair removal of my upper lip. It appears the doctor had the machine on too high because it hurt a lot more than usual and I got small very light burns. Now they have transformed to tiny black dots (that don't hurt)that look like hairs stuck in the follicle. What are they? Will they go away? Is there any thing I could to speed their healing? Thanks for any and all info.
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