Results aren't permanent and remaining hair is patchy

I've had laser hair removal on my lower neck...

I've had laser hair removal on my lower neck (front + back) and on my chest, and am happy with the results, but I still have some light thin hairs after 10 treatments over 7 years. (I had laser hair removal 5 times in 2000, and another 5 times over the last two years for touch ups.) The pain on the front of the neck and the upper chest is the worst possible. A great clinic will tell you to ibuprofen, avoid caffeine (sensitizes the nerves), and give you a topical anesthetic. It will still really hurt. Despite the pain, you have to make certain that the laser technician uses the highest setting possible and overlaps the circular areas hit by a laser. The hair that was hit with each treatment falls out within a few weeks, so you can tell if there are any areas that weren't hit by the laser. Rather than waiting for the next 6-8 week appointment, you should go back and ask them to fix the areas that they missed for free.

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I used to shave the areas that were treated with...

I used to shave the areas that were treated with laser regularly.  I've stopped shaving, and about 33% of the hair grows back within 2 months.  It is patchy so it looks strange if you don't keep shaving it.

Laser hair removal is fine if you can get it cheap enough (it was REALLY expensive in 2000) and just want to shave less often or have fewer ingrown hairs.  But it won't give you the permanent hair-free result that is advertised, and can be very painful. 

The fact that lasers are now used to encourage hair growth at lower energy settings should make you wonder how well it will work if it isn't really painful.


Word! I have spots on my legs where hardly any hair grows...and tons of places where laser hair removal seems to have had no effect!
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I know this is an older post, but I have to agree with you, Eric. I spent a total of $7,000 dollars back in 2004 for full body laser hair removal in Tampa, FL. After 3 years and more than 15 treatments, hair follicles became more active on areas that were never a problem before.

I was told I would have the least amount of reduction on my legs because the hair was finer and lighter. It turned out to be quite the opposite. I rarely need to shave my legs, especially my calves. My under arms, bikini area, and arms had little to no reduction, and other parts of my body worsened!

After getting second opinions from other laser technicians, they appear to be confident that they are able to give more promising results. Maybe if it were free? LOL I am just not about to spend thousands more to only become disappointed once again.
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Lux Clinic (out of business)

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