Laser Treatment on Upper Lip Has Caused Redness for One Month So Far.

I had my upper lip lasered to get rid of deep...

I had my upper lip lasered to get rid of deep wrinkles with a eCO2 laser.

It has been a month and it is still red. The surgeon went very deep as these wrinkles are hard to get rid of with a laser. How long will my upper lip area stay red?

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I also had the e-co2 performed by a doctor in Delray Beach in April 2009 (must be the same doctor). I was really unhappy with the results. I was so red and my skin was so irritated that I had to seek help within a month from a dermatologist. The Doctor who performed the procedure didn't have a clue why I was so red and basically could not help me. My face was red for almost 5 months. 1.2 years later my forehead is still red. The Doctor in Delray was not truthful about recovery time. To say the least I was very upset with the length of recovery for so little results. Fine lines and wrinkles still remain. The procedure is a lot of hype. I was a patient of the doctor for 10 years. Sad to say I will never trust him again.
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I've heard up to 6 months try putting some natural aloe vera gel on it.
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