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I've been spending $200/per treatment for my laser...

I've been spending $200/per treatment for my laser tattoo removal treatment. I've had 3 done and the changes are noticeable, but the tattoo is still there. Dr. Jay told me that it'd take 5-6 treatments.

Make sure your doctor uses a Q-switched laser (I've researched the topic a lot, my Dr. uses the MedLite C6, which is why I see him) Otherwise, blues and greens will be tough, if not impossible to remove and you'll just waste money.

I'm excited to see this old tattoo gone and believe it will be with a few more treatments


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How did it go? Looks good? Is it gone? I am considering remove mine but I am very afraid of getting a scar. Could yoy kindly update us?
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Very helpful information.
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Kspuds, Your entry is dated July, 2008. It's now 9 months later. How did your tattoo removal go? I have tattoos on my eyebrows that I want to have removed.
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