Laser Skin Resurfacing/chemical Peel

I recovered really quickly! The first week was a...

I recovered really quickly! The first week was a drag...frozen pea bags for an hour on an hour off all day...applying Aquaphor, taking it off to do vinegar soaks every 3 hours...The goo was a mess...I had NO pain-didn't even take a Tylenol...My eyelids were swollen for a few days, but never completely cheeks also were swollen the first week...I told everyone at work, and they're all commenting on how good I look...

I'm still red/pink, like a _I_ don't know how I feel about the results...I did it to try and even out my skin and minimize my me, my pores still look big and I'm getting blackheads like crazy...but...we'll see...

The picture was taken three HOURS after the procedure

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Photo Update


Hi Kristen - do you have any before & after photos of your rhinoplasty? I'm interested in getting this done w/ Doctor Smith and would like some feedback on his work.
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I'd like to see pic's of pre op and post op side by side showing your skin closer up because from your pic's I can't tell whether there is improvement or not. I will say for six grand, I would have expected a "lot" more!
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How long did it take for your swelling to go away? I had Pixel Laser resurfacing on June 3rd, today is the 8th and my face, especially around the eyes is very swollen.
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Littleton Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had my nose done by him and was super pleased with the results, so I went back to him for this...his nursing staff is awesome!

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