Laser Resurfacing

After 3 months my skin still wasn't healed. I had...

After 3 months my skin still wasn't healed. I had horrible scars that I had to buy different meds for. Still have red scars. Would not recommend, was very painful procedure.

It's been a year and a half redness and scarring still haven't gone away.Pores are larger,now have acne.

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Use dermablend on the hyperpigmentation. It's the best out there. It took 6 months or more for my hyperpigmentation to go away.
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It's been one month out for the Co2 treatment (ablative). The p.s. four weeks out gave me skin lightener for the hyperpigmentation. I am worried about the redness for it cannot be masked by make-up. My pores are smaller now but i wouldn't say this was worth it.
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This is 2013. How do you look now? Will I get rid of my redness? 6 weeks out. Whisker lines
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