Dot Laser - Not Sure Yet if It is Worth the $$ or Discomfort. Time Will Tell.

Had Dot Laser Therapy done two days ago(Wed. May...

Had Dot Laser Therapy done two days ago(Wed. May 5-2010). A little disappointed with the way things are going, but I'll post more after more time has passed. I will tell you how the first three days have gone so far. Wednesday (5/5/10): Skin was very red and felt like a bad sunburn. Usd Cetaphil for a moisturizer and took tylenol for discomfort. Slept with head propped up to try and minimize swelling. Thursday (5/6/10): Woke up to a swollen face and redness was worse. Tiny white heads all over my face and it almost looks like I've had an allergic reaction to something. Saw doctor in the afternoon and he said it looked great (don't believe that)and was looking like it was suppose to. Do you really think they would tell you something else? Ha! Face is extremly itchy and blotchy. I'm wondering if this was really worth it? Can't imagine at this point ever doing this again. Friday: Face is still a little swollen and not as red. Still blotchy and now I can see brown dots and brown patches on parts of my face. Still itchy and now I'm trying benadryl. Using Cetaphil for a moisturizer, but still itchy. Did go out in public today but didn't really want to.
DOT is done in series about 30 days apart. Results depend on skin/type/ wants. 3 did zip so they increased. Did not like the results. Down-side is 1yr later. Have pitted oily skin w/ slt. wrinkle change. Zaps are columns that are cut in & then you hope they close tight firming the skin. Too deep, oil fills holes. I had smooth before. Now I get shine & lg. pores show from procedure. I use benzoyl peroxide gel under a powder to help. Looks like I have bad skin that needs help. Alittle does zip. Too much is a mistake. Certain light reveals square patch w/ tracks. Depends on doc doing the the job. Home exfoliate!
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