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Laser Peel After Blephorplasty

I did this procedure after having blephorplasty...

I did this procedure after having blephorplasty which left me with loose skin and wrinkles. The bags under my eyes were pretty bad.

I truly did not see a difference with the laser peel and it did hurt. I have seen a little improvement with botox but not as much as I would like. I am looking for a skin tightening procedure for this without the down time as in Fraxel:repair.

I am confused by your post. What left you with loose skin and wrinkles? Not the blepharoplasty, I'm sure. Certainly not a laser. That would only tighten your skin through proliferation and neocollagenesis. Your comment about Botox not working as well as you wanted it to leads me to believe that you have been misinformed about what these procedures can realistically do for you. Botox does not tighten the skin, it paralyzes muscles to prevent contractions of the muscles that cause wrinkles. Lasers, depending upon the type, do a number of things such as remove hair, vascular lesions, and brown spots, and can tighten skin through wound healing. It sounds as though you will need a facelift. For the problems and lack of satisfaction you are complaining of, I believe that this would give you the best result, although I do not know your age. I am an aesthetic nurse and laser safety officer in the state of AZ, so I have years of experience with these issues. I hope you consider a facelift and forgo the lasers, as I think it will make you much happier with the end result. Take care and good luck.
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