Slim Lipo in Dallas...Looking for a Friend to Split Pkg - Dallas, TX

I had my love handles done in Dallas and am pretty...

I had my love handles done in Dallas and am pretty happy with the results. I really liked the doc and his staff!

Now I am wanting to go back and get 2 other areas done BUT I am wanting to go to Dr. Long in Dallas b/c his results are more dramatic. If anyone is interested in getting to areas done we are wanting to split a 9600 package. It would be 1600 all fees included. Check out his page. I have seen good reviews from people on here and another blog.

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*two areas done

*two areas done


hey are his prices still the same ? im pretty new to this site but highly interested, please get bak to me thnk u!
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Let me know I am interested send me a message if anyone wants to go in with me.
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Hey call up there NOW and schd...just say your friend/acquaintance Natasha was there last Monday and said that you all are running a $1300 per area special and wanted to get in for a consult. Just say you know me from someone. THey are doing it bc he is going out of the country for a month on a mission trip so they WANT TO BOOK UP OCTOBER! So now the already low price is even lower! And he does great work!Here is their PHONE number .... 214.631.5664 7929 Brookriver Dr. Ste.165 Dallas, TX 75247 Let me know how it goes.
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