Laser Hair Removal is Worth It

I had laser hair removal on my bikini area, and...

I had laser hair removal on my bikini area, and from the FIRST session I LOVED IT!
I always had a lot of problems waxing and shaving that area because my skin is sensitive. But from the day I took this decision I've seen just good results.

It took longer than what they said, because they offered that I would be finished in 8 sessions and I've had like 10, but I don't care. They don't charge for the extra sessions and I spend weeks without seeing hair in that area.

One of the best decisions I've made...And my husband loves it too!

VIP Laser Clinic

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question what was the name of the office you went to..... thanks
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Hi Alex,

From the review above it looks like the office was VIP Laser Clinic in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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