Laser Hair Removal. Too Much Pain and Suffering. No Results

I have suffered from the unwanted fem-stache since...

I have suffered from the unwanted fem-stache since I was young. I got laser hair removal to get rid of it. It was painful, didn't work, and left me with embarrassing hyperpigmentation that just seems to get worse. All in all it has been a miserable experience that I wish I had never chosen to do. I was also told to shave while getting the treatment, and am now left with a manly stubble on my upper lip.

How do I get all this under control? How do I get my skin back to its normal color, and minimize the amount of stubble left over from this completely unsuccessful waste of my money?

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she should have known that it was not a good procedure to perform on me. i have extremely sensitive skin. when it left hyperpigmentation she didn't really have any answers or options to help me fix the problem.

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First, see a licensed dermatologist who has received good reviews on her/his services. is a good place to start. Ask him/her whether electrolysis would be a good option for ridding yourself of the hairs.
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if you are not pregnant, nursing or allergic to sulfa medications, try using obagi nu derm system. step #3 of the system contains hydroquinone 4% and will fade the hyperpigmented area. this is a Rx product and can be purchased at many aesthetic clinics. all hope is not lost. it seems you had a bad experience, but it is possible to achieve great results provided you see someone who is experienced. I would do your research before having another treatment. also, get rid of the darkening before continuing with any more treatments. what you didn't mention is what skin color you are? having sensitive skin does not exclude you as a candidate. having very dark skin may exclude though. You want to find a practice who is using a diode laser with an 810 nanometer wavelength. this is appropriate for hair removal. do you happen to know what was used for your treatment? also, it is important to trim the hair prior to treatments, however it is not necessary to continually trim between treatments. and you don't have to shave with a razor. the best thing to use is a trimmer designed for eyebrows. it is in the shape of an ink pen and can be purchased at most pharmacies or walmart type stores. when you use a razor it cut the hair very sharply at the middle portion of the hair so that when it grows out again it appears more course. this is why your hair is course now. your best bet is to either not trim the hair at all during treatments and do a quick trim about 2 days before your treatment. if the hair is too long for the treatment the laser will only burn what is on top of the skin and not make it down to the follicle. if the hair is freshly shaven the laser cannot see it and it won't work. you need it to be just poking through the skin enough for the laser to see it. Good luck and i hope this helps you.
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Note that you still have electrolysis as an option. The upper lip is not a pleasant place to have electrolysis, but I would check out this option, and there are topical anesthetics which can make it a bearable experience. Note that you really should tweeze the regrowth to make electrolysis more effective, even if your electrologist says not to.
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Wow... that's too bad. It sounds like you may have had a bad experience.. most patients are delighted with their laser hair removal results, and do not suffer from hypopigmentation, especially in that area of the body. I hope you will give it another chance.. you may need a different type of laser, depending on your skin type, or have less energy used.
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