The Best Option Available for Me! And It Worked!

I have pale skin but dark hair. I used to bleach...

I have pale skin but dark hair. I used to bleach the hair on my upper lip, but started to have a reaction to the bleach. I also got an infection from the bleaching that stained my skin for a year! To top it off, I still had a moustache...just a golden blond one...

So I tried waxing. I lost the feeling in my upper lip and had an infection again, it was awful!

So I decided to try Laser hair removal. 8 months later my upper lip is soft and hairless. I found the treatment slightly unpleasant,but not really painfull. I partly think it was so successful because the area was so small.

Hi Kristi,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, I'm glad it worked for you, especially after everything you went through before the LHR.


Hi Kristi, I'm interested in getting the same procedure in New York as well. Could you tell me how much you paid for the treatments? I just want an idea of how expensive this is.


Hi jjellybean, if you take a look at this link it should tell you the average costs of Laser Hair Removal in your area. Hope this helps!

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