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I worked at a Medical Spa for a year and initially...

I worked at a Medical Spa for a year and initially thought laser hair removal was the greatest thing ever. Over the course of a year, I had 5 sessions done on my underarms with the Palomar laser (I should have done 6 treatments to see the best results). At first everything was great, and all the hair was gone! Now that it's been several months since my last treatment, I'd say 50% of the hair has already come back.

I had three sessions done on my bikini area (again 6 is needed for best results). Initially I also saw great results, and all the treated hair was gone. A year later, almost all the hair is back!

At the Medical Spa where I worked, we had countless clients that initially saw good results, but then they would also see the hair grow back, even after their completed series of treatments. I think laser hair removal is a good option if you have a lot of money, and don't mind getting regular maintenance treatments each year. The pain on my bikini area was also pretty uncomfortable, but if the treatment was permanent, it would have been worth it.

I haven't completely given up on laser hair removal, and would still get it done if I get another job at a Medical Spa and can get free treatments. Otherwise, I'm going to wait until the technology improves to really make it a permanent solution.

I agree, I had a laser depilation over one year, It was all over my face and back, after I finished the treatment, my hair was still growing but this time thicker and darker, I had spent a lot of money till I finally decided go to the stetic and asked to the doctor what was happening it is suposseed my hair should not be in there after the final Session, he said I probably had a hormonal desorder wich was causing the hair growing and also said that there were many Lebanese clients with the same problem, I was so angry how is it possible he didn't say it to me before I spent all my money, they should send me to a hormonal test before begin the treatment. Now I have the same problem but worst! I must try to find the way to buy a home laser removal to solucinate my problem. I was good before with my light brown hair in my face that was not much. My family is Italian and the problem of hair growing is genetic. Laser depilation is a ball of sh-- for people with hormonal disosders, but casuality they are who more visit to the stetics to solucionate the problem.

I agree. I was uncomfortable during my treatments, to the point of taking pain meds. I received 5-6 treatments in several areas, and up to 90% of my visible hair was gone. Now 3 years later, the hair is growing back. Lighter and not as coarse.. but still growing. I am not going to be spending more money until someone makes this treatment permanent.
That's unfortunate because it works so well. I am proof of that and so are all my friends family. Next time try the lightsheer. You will have a better outcome!
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