Nothing Like a Smooth Bikini and Underarm Area!

I paid $1500 for full bikini and underarms (6...

I paid $1500 for full bikini and underarms (6 treatments). I've only been through one treatment so far, and I'm already impressed. A week later, my hair was just falling out. I know this is just the beginning - and I'm lucky, because I have lighter skin and dark hair (which I was told is the easiest to work on).

I went there because a friend recommended it -she got her full body done and loved it.

The worst part was the cold... ice and my bikini area aren't friends! But after numbing the area, I hardly felt much... it felt like little rubber bands snapping on my skin... close up... not too bad.

I can't wait for it to be done!

Does anyone know on averege how much does a full body laser hair removal cost?
where in fort lauderdale is this laser place? if i use your name maybe you could get a referral fee. i need either their name or number
Melanie Tannenbaum at Body Care at the Waverly

Melanie talked to me about everything before the procedure - answered all my questions and then for my first appointment she told me everything she was going to do and again answered all my questions as I asked about what was going on. Plus she's so laid back that I felt like I was just talking to a friend!

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