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Anyone that says Laser Hair Removal hurts has the...

Anyone that says Laser Hair Removal hurts has the worst pain tolerance ever. It is a mild snap, and the smell of burning hair. You get a bit of a hot feeling afterward. I have gone for several treatments, at a great clinic. The girl who does it is professional. First of all, you should only be going back when you see regrowth. It is usually every month and a half. Otherwise you are not getting the dormant hairs, but you are re-zapping the same hair over and over again. All these people complaining about going once a week for a month, and then the hair grew back... well that is why. The most important thing is to research it yourself, and try to get to a clinic that actually KNOWS what they are doing. This is not something you want to find the cheapest clinic for. Would you go to a cheap tattoo parlour? Would you go to the cheapest hair salon? You need to find a good clinic, with people certified in the use of the lasers. If you find a budget place, there is room for mistake, including burns and non-effective use. Overall my experience has been great, practically painless, very successful, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Karen Heinrichs, Antiaging Clinic

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