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Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin

I did laser hair removal on underarms and knees to...

I did laser hair removal on underarms and knees to ankles. I have medium dark skin. It got rid of some of it but not all of it. After a few years it seemed like some of what was gone was coming back. I suppose I will go back for some more removal appointments. It was worth having less hair for those years. I wonder if anyone else has had come back after several years.

Tulsa Skin Care Clinic

better prices and machine doesn't hurt much

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Hey do you mind me asking what's your skin type and what setting did the tech use on you? I am going to start treatment soon and I am a skin type 4 and I am worried about being undertreated or burning.
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You may have been undertreated. For your skin type, you should use a Yag type of laser. And settings need to be aggressive in order to disable the hair permanently. Too many clinics undertreat because they're afraid to burn the patients (due to their lack of experience or due to using inappropriate laser type on darker skin).
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Also, it should hurt. If it doesn't hurt, it's a good sign you're being undertreated. If it hurts, you should use a numbing cream, not lower the settings. Effectiveness should be the primary concern. As long as the skin is not burning, you are good.
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Wow! So many times, the doctor's office doesn't have information on long-term effects (or is trying to hid negative reviews) and so it's very tough to make a decision regarding laser hair removal at times. Thanks for your post!
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