808mn Laser Diode Hair Removal Treatment is Not for Dark/brown Skin

Laser hair removal deliver very fast results, but...

Laser hair removal deliver very fast results, but is not recomended for dark/brown skin. I got burned, and now after 10 treatments i have PIH en face and legs. So if you got very sensitive skin, of are propense to develop PIH, NOT LASER.

Now i'm trying IPL treatment for hair removal and to treat PIH en diferent wavelenghts, plus hydroquinone 4%. I got 4 months trying to recover my skin, and i got lucky that i did not get permanent damage in my skin.

So be carefull with lasers. The problem with sensitive skin is the time of exposure to the laser, that produces burns.


Yeah DON'T do IPL!! Huge risk of burn for darker skin types with that technology.
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Soprano is a diode laser at 810 nm it's very safe and effective for all skin types.It's low energy that gradually builds up also there's a cooling tip to keep the skin cool and protected.There are much less risks of burning with this machine.I would definitely use this for darker skins to be safe and get results.I wouldn't recommend you carry on with your IPL if you have a darker skin.
Hope this is of help :-)
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IPL could be very dangerous for darker skin types as well! It's a very uncontrolled light source.

You need YAG - and nothing else.

And YAG may also help speed up your recovery of the past damage with the added benefit of collagen repair.

Good luck!
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NO. HE had the responsability to tell that Laser Diode was NOT suitable for me. And now recomends me IPL?... Now i don't know what to believe. I want ELOS (Electro optical sinergy) technology, but i dont have access in my country :(

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