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My experience with laser has been phenomenal, even...

My experience with laser has been phenomenal, even thou it's not meant to be permanent however it does reduce and lightens hair. For pain if any I recommend 2 advils 30 mins. before your treatment and some ice after treatment in a zip lock bag with a towel around it, so it wont be so direct. Oh yeah and Cortozone ointment not bad to have handy. Specially for the face area. Some places have really ridiculous prices but if you do your homework and are dedicated to find someone with reasonable prices you will find. At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with PCOS a medical problem that effects many women all over the world. I have always been very girly and very big on fashion and looking my best. When I began to see facial hair I FREAKED out! I couldn't stand it. It was a nightmare for me. So thats why I was so dedicated to find someone that would be reasonable with prices and had a clean facility.You may find someone doing it from home but for your safety I don't recommended it. Now I have great results and I do treatments every 2 months witch cost me $100 per session.I don't have to shave at all and it keeps my face looking and feeling soft and smooth. I hope this review helps someone. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day!


Hi Patrona! So glad to read about your positive experience. While I do not have a medical condition, I do have a bit of facial hair which I find unsightly (I think most women do). Also, since I hate having hair anywhere on my body, I plan to eventually do laser treatment on my arms, legs, back, the whole bit (anywhere there is a stray hair not on my head)! And since I am not rich, I must find a place that is reasonably priced which I am sure you know is not so easy to do in Miami (especially in Aventura - home of the wealthy)! I am not wealthy. And I know doing the whole body will cost me a bundle. That is why I will do one small section at a time. Anyway, can you tell me about where you went to do your treatment? Would you be willing to share some before and after photos? How would you rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10? I imagine the face is the most painful area! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and still happy and thank you for your review and any other information you provide! :)
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