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Alexandrite Laser - no doctor or nurse...

Alexandrite Laser

- no doctor or nurse present.

- dont go just for the cheapest offer

- its a field with no cetification required!

- make sure test patches are done. all arrears of the body dont react the same.

- always apply aloe vera and ice pack.

- if you feel more than a pin prick of pain and they tell you its normal then dont be afraid to tell them to stop and reduce the power level.

Name not provided

rushed service and bad result

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Thanks,for sharing nice information
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Wow just great. Thanks for sharing.
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I have similar ones after my treatment and it too had got worse a day or two after it was done , can you tell me if yours has dissappeared for piece of mind , mine is on my face and arm and even make up wont conceal it i had to take time off work any advice would be much appreciated !? And what is it you used to have cleared it and aid healing process ? Many thanks for advice in advance Muna
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Wow... which treatment were you on (1st, 2nd, 3rd..)? Alexandrite should typically be used only on Fitzpatrick skin types I-II (relatively fair skin that sun-burns easily).
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Lower back. Btw, this was an early picture and things got darker and worse the day after.
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What area did you have done? Hard to tell from pic.
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