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The texture of my skin was just awful. I decided...

The texture of my skin was just awful. I decided to try Laser Genesis. I had six treatments and my skin looks great. It has better texture, smaller pores, and a more creamy color. I highly recommend this. The treatments were actually relaxing, but left my face red afterwards. I highly recommend a nurse or doctor perform this procedure due to the fact they are using a YAG laser near your eyes.

Avanti Skin Center, Franklin,TN

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Aren't your patients wearing the appropraite protective eye wear? Any qualified laser tech would put metal googles on just like a nurse or doctor would. Just because someone is a nurse or doctor doesn't mean they have had ANY laser training or experience, or have any understanding of lasers and tissue interaction. The laws in every state should state that who ever is treating with lasers should have a specified number of laser training hours, no matter what your previous level of education has been in an unrelated feild. The fact of the matter is that many accidents happen in the hands of ANY untrained person.
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