Laser Did Not Work for Me

Its strange, but laser really did not work for me....

Its strange, but laser really did not work for me. I had bigger expectations from the treatment but the result was far from it. I did lose some hair, but not most of it. I had it done on my legs and even after 6 treatments, i still see hair growing back after every few weeks. The growth is sporadic, but there is growth still. It is not as dense, but its still there. I had been assured that after 5-7 treatments, the hair will be gone permanently but i am far from achieving that. I don't know how many times i will have to go again to get smooth legs. I have spent alot of money so far and am not satisfied.
I had 16 laser treatments at a top medical clinic. The hair is still growing back (Black) It did not work. It also hurts! My advice to anyone - Do not waste your money on laser hair removal!
Hello Ninamor, What the consultant who sold you the package of 6 treatments should have told you is that, it can sometimes take many more to reach the desired amount of reduction in hair groth. If your skin tone is darker, it may take 2 packages bedfore your goals are met. If you decide to move forward with another package, make sure you are receiving a LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) and not IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). IPL is great for pigment, tone and texture, not the gold standard for hair reduction. LASER is the best for hair. SMOOTH SKIN West Seattle, WA 206.935.SKIN (7546)
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