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Laser Burn Pigmentation - London, UK

I had laser hair removal on several parts of my...

I had laser hair removal on several parts of my body but the only area i suffered semi circle burns was on my abdominal line and breasts.

I happened 10 days a ago and the burned areas turned brown and the now the majority has peeled away. I am not left with new skin which is a lot lighter than my original skin and you can see the colour difference.

I also dont understand why is just happened in that area and no where else.

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She was helpful and insightful.

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please tell me how the spots started out looking after the treatment were they blisters?
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it depends on how long ago you were burned? I waited 6.5 months before letting ANY SUN AT ALL see my skin. I MEAN 0%. You have to give your skin LONG LONG LONG time to totally heal so that the skin is READY to re-pigment. OTHERWISE,until then I suggest NO SUN. NONE! I will never let another laser touch me EVER unless it is life saving! I had the most miserable 7 mos and I live in FL where it is like 90 degrees and couldn't even walk my dog due to sunlight. If you wait long ENOUGH...which will depend on the depth of the damage to YOUR SKIN then you will be fine. I had heard if you don't wait long enough you will make the problem worse, maybe even permanent AND/or HYPERPIGMENTATION which in my opinion would be EVEN WORSE.
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PS I USED LOTS AND LOTS OF VITAMIN E OIL. Don't know if it helped or just time helped.
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oh that is so helpful to know! I am going away in 2 weeks, do you think it would help if i soaked up some sun to balance out the two colours? I really dont want to scar to i am applying vitamin E oil. Is that good, what did you use? many thanks
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that is what happened with mine; i had removal on both arms, both legs (upper & lower) and bikini area but only had hypopigmentation in some areas and others had no issues. unfortunatley the areas that did have issues covered a good portion of my arms and my legs. Proud to say that 8 mos later I'm BACK TO MY OLD SELF w/ no issues!
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