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Really Not Worth It! - Las Vegas

It is a true gimmick! I've done Thermage,and...

It is a true gimmick! I've done Thermage,and smart lipo and zerona is truley a crock of crap don't waste your money! If you want amazing results you need to do smart lipo if you are going to spend money. I'm not a negative person but I will tell you like it is. Do your research or take it from me,I'm going off by experience.

I had velashape done a few months after to even out the bumps my surgeon gave me 3 treatments free,which was fantastic so it was nice I didn't have to pay. Of course I'm not a doctor but I know if you have the right one like Dr Hankins he makes sure you walk away happy.
So it's a gimmick but still FDA decided that it is the only non invasive body contouring on the market that is safe and gives the results it claims? Smart-lipo = Liposuction to those that don't know. Ill quote a part of an email i got today and you make of it whatever you like. "Also I had lipsuction a few years ago and I have some uneven skin on my upper sides over my rib area." The "nice" thing about removing fat cells by force is that when you gain them back in time, they can't go to the places you removed them from so they go else where, which is why you will get uneven skin or bumps all over the body at places you never had before. I had tens of clients in the last year that did liposuction before and were happy with it for a while until they saw the bumps. All of them were extremly happy about the results they got from the Zerona afterwards, so for most of those clients, Zerona was the tool to fix liposuction damages.
The reason why I started with zerona is exactly why you wanted the same thing non-invasive,having a child just alters your body. That is why I did zerona,thermage then smart-lipo. Hope this will help you.
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It is gimmick,you want results of fat melting then smart lipo is the way.

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