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I'm 46 and have great skin except for sagging...

I'm 46 and have great skin except for sagging eyelids and reactive wrinkles under my eyes that even botox doesn't cure. My procedure was done with the new Thermage machine.

Pros: Had it today and I can already see a lift in eyelids, which I didn't expect. If this works like I hope it will, the cost ($1450 for eyes) is totally worth it, even though you have to repeat every year.

Cons and neutrals: My doctors office screwed up and didn't tell me they were going to phone in a script for me for something to relax me. Actually, they didn't phone one in - they just blew off the pain pill altogether. Big mistake. Parts of the procedure had me coming off the table. It hurts/burns! One eye definitely hurt more than the other (they say that's typical), so that little relaxer would have gone a long way to help get through the procedure and I'm peeved because I feel like they had to back off the machine to accommodate my pain, so it impacted my treatment. Also, you should know - no caffeine day of treatment (doc's office didn't tell me), and no anti-inflammatories for 2 weeks after.

The procedure took about an hour, a little longer. I'll report back when some time passes. They said about 4-6 months for full results.

Dr. Bashy

His staff leaves a lot to be desired. Failed to send before care information (no caffeine day of treatment) and totally blew off pain medication, which I feel affected my treatment. (I don't like to waste money where I could have gotten a more intense trtmt w pain meds!) Further, Dr Bashy didn't perform the procedure, an aesthetician did. He didn't tell me that until the day I showed up and then he just breezed out and in came an aesthetician. This is NOT what he told me when we talked about Thermage. He definitely led me to believe he did the procedure himself, so I was pretty ticked off about that. However, she did fine, but I resent not having advanced notice to make an informed decision until my downpayment was made and I was already there to get my treatment. For this reason alone, I probably wouldn't go to him again. Unprofessional communication.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Would like to know how it looks now and if you thought it was worth it. Plus where did you get it done at?

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This the answer to her review: This lady admits that she had immediate results from Thermage! which is outstanding because you normaly have to wait 2-4 month before seeing results ,that right there tells everyone that she recieved the right kind of treatment and a pill to relax her would have not caused more results! Also the before-care instructions is given to all the patients prior to treatment(written&oral) and she just did not remember or care for it. As far as the treatment not being done by the physician himself , she did not mention that Thermage is not a device that needs to be operated ONLY by a physician (it is different from lasers) because it uses Radio waves and is extremely safe to be used by medical assistants and the person who treated this patient was CERTIFIED by the Thermage company to do so! if you look up other clinics who perform thermage , you will notice that the gran majority is done by medical assistants also. actually if the docor does it then the cost would double or more. She mentions that " the cost to do that is totally worth it" so I do not understand her dissatisfaction! She never updated her review to tell us how her results progressed later on ,which by her initial great results she must have had a great outcome. Her review is very premature review on basis of her own misunderstandings. She was informed (just like all other pateints are ) about the fact that the physician does not perform this procedure and she might have forgot that because of time distance between her initial consultation and her actual treatment visit
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SylviaJ, please remember that everyone will have different experiences. We ask that everyone respect each person's experience, even if it is different from their own.

As for the immediate change she saw, couldn't this have been swelling she mistook as results? It seems that is often the case, then the swelling goes down and things look "back to normal" unless/until results are seen.

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thanks so much for posting. Gee. I don't know if I can take the pain. I need lift on my eyelids too.
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