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I am a light skinned african-amer female. I have...

I am a light skinned african-amer female. I have acne prone skin and the right side of my face had bad break outs and dark spots. On jan 20 I got the VI Peel w/Precision. My face started peeling on the 2nd day stopped on the 6th day. Then on the 8th day I broke out with 5 more white head pimples on my face. I went back and she said that this is what the VI Peel does, over the next week my face got worse. I cancelled the rest of my appts and on Feb 14th, I started seeing a Dermatologist and I must say- the stuff he has me on is working a lot better than the peel. The VI Peel did nothing for me but make my skin worse. What a waste.

Oh my gosh, I can only imagine how upsetting it must have been to have a huge breakout after doing something specifically to clear up your skin. So sorry that happened to you. :(

What did your dermatologist put you on?

My dr. Put me on an oral antibiotic, 2 topical antibiotics that I rotate each day, and Epiduo gel. Plus a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash..my skin is slightly dry, but doing much better. I will get laser peel at the end of March for the blemishes and to prevent new acne.

Wow, it sounds like you guys are really doing all you can to combat the acne. I've battle acne my whole life, so I know the pains of it all too well.

Not sure what kind of moisturizer you are using, but you might want to try Olay Complete. I used Dermalogica active moist for years, then switched to the new Laura Mercier moisturizer, but at the advice of my dermatologist I tried Olay Complete & am in LOVE with it - it is sooo much cheaper than the other products too.

Please keep us posted on the changes you are seeing in your skin. I'm always interested if the antibiotics work over the long haul or not.

Fingers crossed for amazing clear skin for you!!

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