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Latisse - Worked for Me - Las Vegas, NV

I've been using Latisse for over 25 weeks now and...

I've been using Latisse for over 25 weeks now and I love it.

I decided to buy Latisse when I had gotten sick of paying $400 in eyelash extensions a month. Then after my eyelash extensions were removed. I had little short stubby lashes left over from all the damage the eyelash extensions had caused.

It took around the 18th week till I saw the beautiful results I had desired. I applied Latisse everyday to get to that point. Now I apply it every other day.

Also I had a few minor side effects when I first started using Latisse, but I just dealt with it.
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Wow your lashes definitely look longer.  Are you using it on your bottom lashes too, or just your upper lashes?

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I use it on my bottom lashes as well.
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Do you think your lashes have gotten thicker too, or just longer?
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