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Im 5'9 and have F's over the muscle know. I am...

Im 5'9 and have F's over the muscle know. I am wanting to go smaller and receive a lift. I just want to feel comfortable again. I have neck and back pain and have to wear two sports bras when I workout. I don't like to look at myself in the mirror any more.
I have had two consults so far and received two different opinions. One PS wants to go over the muscle the other PS wants under.... I am so confused, I like both of their work but just don't know what to do. I don't want to bottom out again and be miserable. I am going to go to a few more PS and see what they say. Any advice?
I'm happy to hear you'll finally be comfortable with your breasts. I can't even imagine the relief you're going to feel. Great idea to get a few more consults since you're not 100% certain about the best option for your implants. How long ago was your original BA and what size implants did you get? You may also want to discuss the possibility of strattice or internal sutures being used as an internal bra...especially if you get over the muscle implants. Feel free to post and before and after photos or perhaps some wish photos. Keep us posted on your research. 

Scheduled my surgery!

So I will be going in for my second BA. I will not deflate, go from over to under the muscle, down size from DDD to a D, lollipop lift and internal bra. I am so excited!!!! Does anyone have suggestions for healing creams for my scars?....
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