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Hi my name is patty I'm planning to have my...

Hi my name is patty I'm planning to have my surgery by the second week of March with Dr Cambeiro after shopping around I decide he's the best option I have . But still I'm kind of confuse and scare I had a Brest augmentation on 2011 with end it yo not been the size I ask for so I currently have 400cc salines and I wanna get silicones and Dr C recommended to 600cc what do u guys think anyone out there around my type and with 600cc HP that can help .... Thank u
Took this pic One boob Is way bigger than the other. Will this even out? Pre- surgery there was not a difference if there was it was so slight it wasn't noticeable, should I be concerned. Surgery was Thirsday been 3 days.,
I just had a replacement 01/23/14 from 270cc saline over muscle to 510cc using same pocket. It's too early for me to tell but I'm thinking I should have gone larger. I'm 5'3 and weigh 150lbs. You can see my pics only profile. Waiting for them to relax and soften...
Oh nice yeah I guess is too early and they are still not gonna be all the way relax I defiantly know I want more than 500 cus I try a sizer and 100 cc didn't do anything ;( and I really don't wanna once again expend thousands of dollars and not be happy but also don't wanna look ridicules ;(
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