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It Works Wraps Rock - Las Vegas, NV

I am a plus size mommy working on loosing weight....

I am a plus size mommy working on loosing weight. As I started to loose weight I realized I had a lot of loose yucky skin. I was skeptical about this 45 minutes wrap but my friend had great results so I gave it a try. Not only did I try a wrap but I also started taking Greens which helps detox and alkaline the body. I was hooked! I'm a chubby girl but skin looks great and keeps getting better, no stretch marks even while I'm still over weight. And I feel amazing with the greens each day.
Message me if you have any questions, I'm totally happy to share more information privately and answer any questions.


Hi I just started wrapping yesterday and woke up 5 inches lost are you still wrapping and should I cont
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way to go maar, congrats and continue your journey and bring sexy back as a proud mom. U GO GURL
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Did u lose any inches
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