Changed my Skin - Las Vegas, NV

I had acne from about age 13 to 23. I tried home...

I had acne from about age 13 to 23. I tried home remedies, over the counter acne products, and the whole run of prescriptions for acne from creams to antibiotics. I took Accutane for 6 months and a year later still had some breakouts. Took again 3 months and rarely have pimples now. The only side effects I had were dry, flaking skin, very sensitive to sun and scarring. No depression/suicidal thoughts, tummy problems. I feel like I have born-again skin. It is nothing like it was before. It is normal/combination now and the scars are hard to see. I would do it again in a second and I tell many many people about my experience with Accutane.

So glad it worked for you! Are you able to use pretty much whatever products you want on your skin now, or do you still have to be pretty careful on what you choose?

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