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I had smartlipo done on my abs and flanks about 6...

I had smartlipo done on my abs and flanks about 6 months ago and I was very thrilled with the results but around the 5th month I noticed an indentation on the lower right hand side of my lower back and flank area. I guess the doc took too much fat from there; anyhow, I trusted him to do a revision on the flank area and therefore he removed a little fat from whatever remaining part of fat I had around my flanks and injected (fat grafting) into the my surprise, when I got home and removed my garmet to wash up I noticed the "hole" was still there and now with a ball of fat above it!! Had he injected the fat in the wrong area? He assured me not. He said the fat could have migrated to another area. BUT in what? 1hour?

So now its been 1 week since my revision and a lot of the swelling has gone down as well as the bubble of fat but its still there and more importantly, the indentation is still there and very visible.

I'm very disappointed with the revision NOT the lipo in the 1st place. Its too late to regret my decision on getting revised but what now? Do I wait 2 months then proceed with another revision on the indentation and NOW the bubble of fat? Or do I just leave it alone? It looks worse than before! I don't know what to do... :(

hi 7000xo: fat grafting is a tricky process and may not be fully successful. certainly the first few weeks do not tell you anything about the final results and sometimes swelling nearby from a developing bruise can camouflage the results to come. sometimes the folds from the compression garment can bunch the skin or cause odd swelling... so be patient. i usually tell patients that the final result can take months! if you are still not happy with the results after all swelling, tenderness and firmness are gone, then re-visit the issue with your doctor and see if there is anything more that can be done. good luck! dr h

Hi 7000xo -- Thanks for sharing your fat grafting experience. I remember reading your lipo review as well. I'm so sorry for the negative results you've had. The good news is that fat transfer can be redone until it's right.

My opinion is that a little waiting can't hurt (for swelling, etc.) but then you should definitely speak to your doctor about fixing it. Doctors are very artistic and if there's a problem, he should want to make it look right.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!

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Even though my revision didnt go well, I'd still recommend people to do lipo with my doc. He might not be great at fixing indentations but the lipo part was overall godd and he left a friend of mine very nice.

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