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Yup, 43,000. pain beyond belief, although they say...

Yup, 43,000. pain beyond belief, although they say no pain at all... non stop ringing in my ears, sinus infections, ill fitting buck teeth. I could go on and on, but why bother? If you hope to fix the damage to your mouth overnight, it will cost you... I wish I would have never gone there. Support staff is great, the surgeon was great, beyond that you are in trouble.

Well keep us posted on how things go for you. I hope this ends much better for you than it has begun, and I hope that the pain is remedied quickly so that you are able to feel like yourself again soon. 


From what you have written it doesn't sound like you are being cared for very well. I know when you have already paid someone you want them to complete the work and make it right, but it sounds like that may not be as high a priority for him which makes me upset for you. I can only imagine how you feel.

If you don't feel this dentist is caring for you properly please, please consider going to another dentist, at least for a second opinion. If nothing else, then you would know if what your current dentist is saying is legit or if he is just trying to wiggle out of a bad spot he got himself into. Unfortunately there are dentists who practice techniques they are not fully trained/skilled at. It would be better to jump ship from an unqualified dentist than to continue with him and risk an even worse outcome, especially when there are so many great, caring dentists that would highly prioritize making  sure you were comfortable - which is what you deserve.

Megan - I have gone to 2 other prosthodontists who agree that these teeth simply do not fit in my mouth - I did not allow them to do any work on my teeth in order to keep it as is for future purposes - which is legal recourse sadly. I already gave this "group" a lot of money, and while I am not without funds, I am not paying twice for the same work - dentures actually cost about 3,000. so I find it hard to believe these are any more expensive... One more thing - I was in an exam room/area and heard this very same "doctor" speaking to a male patient. First he told him that he wasn't doing a great job of keeping his appliances clean/flossed, etc.. must do a better job and then he went on to say "now are they comfortable for you?" This is my primary concern that you be as comfortable as possible"... ah, what? Hard to prove that one by me. If I haven't already said this - the support staff at that facility is wonderful, very skilled, knowledgable and seem to care for the patients. I may have to go forward with treatment elsewhere and seek a legal remedy after careful documentation and record review. Thank you for your input and suggestion.
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