Ouch! I Am in Pain After Coolsculpt - Las Vegas, NV

I was scheduled to do my abdomen and flanks. After...

I was scheduled to do my abdomen and flanks. After the ab treatment I said, "No way". It was incredibly uncomfortable and has been come painful since my treatment. There is no way I was going to subject myself to 2 more hours and areas of that! I think it might be in part because I am so small they coud barely get it to make a suction. Not that I didnt have enough fat, dont misunderstand. I am only 5 ft tall and I am narrow through the hips. It was tough to get it to stay on. Then I was told if it lost suction my treatment would be over at that time. They would not restart the machine. They were kind enough to refund the amount for the areas that were not treated. I am grateful for that, but still unhappy with this treatment.


My abs were extremely painful as well but if it helps, the flanks did not hurt nearly as much during and not at all after. My abs were horrible...I will never do them again but I ail do the flanks again!! What is strange is I had bruising on flanks but no pain and my abs did not bruise but I had severe pain....
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*will do flanks again :)
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