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I did zeltiq on my lower abdomen six days ago. The...

I did zeltiq on my lower abdomen six days ago. The procedure itself was somewhat uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes but then it was totally tolerable.

That night after the procedure, I was mostly numb. The next day is when the pain began. I started having sharp, shooting pains throughout my abdomen. It was more of a nerve pain that was excaerbated by moving or even lightly brushing my finger across my skin. I have to say the pain was pretty bad. I couldnt wear fitted pants and I had to wear a compression garment to help minimize the movement. Day 4 when the pain got really bad I searched the web and found a product called Sarna that was recommended by someone. It says its for itching but its also got a pain reliever. Ive been using this lotion for the past few days and the pain is much tolerable now, actually almost gone. The pain is only bad at night sometimes when it wakes me from my sleep.

Anyways, Im just hoping this bloating goes away soon and Im looking forward to a slimmer midsection in the next 4-6 weeks!

Im in vegas and am curious about your current success and if you could tell me which dr you went to. I'd like to go check him out if you saw results! Help!

I used a groupon and went to a clinic called Ageless Forever and saw Dr. Pierce (for less than 2 min) and the rest of the time only interacted with his staff. The place is clean, beautiful and welcoming. I dont think it matters where you go because there is no technique to this machine. They just put it on and let it do its work. I would call around and go wherever offers you a better price.
In terms of results, I did see great results about 6-8 weeks after the procedure. My stomach was much flatter. They actually have you come back and take pics so we compared the pics and there was a big difference. However since then I have probably gained 3lbs and I think its ALL in my belly!
Sorry, it's called Neurontin.
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