mind has been made, i need a great doctor thats affordable..any recommendations? - Las Vegas, NV

Im 21 years old, and tired of thinking about a...

im 21 years old, and tired of thinking about a bbl, i wanna get it done asap!! i live in las vegas and only been to one location and the price they were offering was 13,000, thats out of my price range. im 5'6 i weigh 178, i would like a nice big butt kinda like kim k, beyonce but most of all i want it 2 look good on my size. i have no hips, big breast that i love, but a flat booty :( and all my fat builds around my arms and mid section..i'll post pics..im 21 and i wanna be happy about my body.

any recommendations anyone?? please & thankyou.. im very about finding a doctor, so suggestions will help

the docs in mexico dont charge extra for fat grafting.. so u may as well do both :)
Morning Ladies,

I realize I'm alil late on this post but I'm new on here & was just scrolling through as I am very interested in the bbl or at the very least lipo in my abdoman & lower back area. I live in vegas & what I'm finding is tht the price of lipo is just as much as the bbl. I feel like if I get lipo in the areas stated above tht,my butt will appear bigger & I can save $$ BUT another part of me is thinking if I go as far as getting lipo then I may as well get the butt lift! Lol..I dnt have the flattest butt in the world. Its just tht I've had two kids (both c-section) & the latest one left me w/ a bit of a gut:( what do u ladies suggest?? Is getting lipo by itself worth it???
my personal choice is Dr.Campos, based on a year+ of research that i have done on him..as far as price and results he is the only one i trust, and to be honest even if i have the money to just blow on ANY SURGEON here in the States i would still GO TO CAMPOS lol because in my opinion i have not seen ANY surgeon give the results like Campos [well Dr.S in Miami is pretty amazing too lol]
& also Campos is one of the VERY FEW that also does the fat graphing to hips

& first i was very skeptical because its MEXICO & the safety was a huge question for me.but then after doing over a year of research and reading reviews and experiences on [makemeheal.com] i really got reassured.

but of course choosing the right doctor is a huge deal and more importantly you have to be able to feel pretty confident that ["HE/SHE"] is THE ONE.
going under surgery is a huge risk by itself, wetha its here in the US or in Mexico.

i had surgery a year ago here in Florida and paid a good amount of money and i got NO RESULTS and if anything i look worst then before because of the unevenness and hollow areas the Dr left in my stomach & the Dr refused to give me a touch up and wanted to charge me an additional 6,000 to give me the results i ORIGINALLY wanted.
so that just goes to show that even here in the US you can get "botched" surgery done =/

im planing on going to Campos before my 21st birthday =]
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