mind has been made, i need a great doctor thats affordable..any recommendations? - Las Vegas, NV

Im 21 years old, and tired of thinking about a...

im 21 years old, and tired of thinking about a bbl, i wanna get it done asap!! i live in las vegas and only been to one location and the price they were offering was 13,000, thats out of my price range. im 5'6 i weigh 178, i would like a nice big butt kinda like kim k, beyonce but most of all i want it 2 look good on my size. i have no hips, big breast that i love, but a flat booty :( and all my fat builds around my arms and mid section..i'll post pics..im 21 and i wanna be happy about my body.

any recommendations anyone?? please & thankyou.. im very about finding a doctor, so suggestions will help

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the docs in mexico dont charge extra for fat grafting.. so u may as well do both :)
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Morning Ladies,

I realize I'm alil late on this post but I'm new on here & was just scrolling through as I am very interested in the bbl or at the very least lipo in my abdoman & lower back area. I live in vegas & what I'm finding is tht the price of lipo is just as much as the bbl. I feel like if I get lipo in the areas stated above tht,my butt will appear bigger & I can save $$ BUT another part of me is thinking if I go as far as getting lipo then I may as well get the butt lift! Lol..I dnt have the flattest butt in the world. Its just tht I've had two kids (both c-section) & the latest one left me w/ a bit of a gut:( what do u ladies suggest?? Is getting lipo by itself worth it???
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my personal choice is Dr.Campos, based on a year+ of research that i have done on him..as far as price and results he is the only one i trust, and to be honest even if i have the money to just blow on ANY SURGEON here in the States i would still GO TO CAMPOS lol because in my opinion i have not seen ANY surgeon give the results like Campos [well Dr.S in Miami is pretty amazing too lol]
& also Campos is one of the VERY FEW that also does the fat graphing to hips

& first i was very skeptical because its MEXICO & the safety was a huge question for me.but then after doing over a year of research and reading reviews and experiences on [makemeheal.com] i really got reassured.

but of course choosing the right doctor is a huge deal and more importantly you have to be able to feel pretty confident that ["HE/SHE"] is THE ONE.
going under surgery is a huge risk by itself, wetha its here in the US or in Mexico.

i had surgery a year ago here in Florida and paid a good amount of money and i got NO RESULTS and if anything i look worst then before because of the unevenness and hollow areas the Dr left in my stomach & the Dr refused to give me a touch up and wanted to charge me an additional 6,000 to give me the results i ORIGINALLY wanted.
so that just goes to show that even here in the US you can get "botched" surgery done =/

im planing on going to Campos before my 21st birthday =]
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Hey Malina, yeh i thought about Mexico, but Im concern if its really safe or not, and I see alot of people are really thinking about Dr.Campos...I looked him up, and seen the review and his work looks good, but IDK...Im going to look him up and do more research..Did you make your decision to go out there to mexico yet?
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Hey gurl,
I look @ ur shape and see myself. I am in the process of still trying to find a PS myself, and I am seriously considering going to Mexico b/c the prices are much more reasonable and I have seen some of the recomended PS work and they are like artists!
I hope u find what u r looking for...keep us posted!
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Well Im looking for any Doctor that is affordable and can give me great results. Thankyou for the list of DOCS im going to check those out :) But yes Im willing to travel I was looking at some doctors in florida but Im not sure yet tho, but it'll be nice to find some where close, and way more convient
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Dr Hegg in San Leandro is great and very affordable.
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Okay Im going to do research on that Doctor.... thanx Have you went to that doctor for the bbl?
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Congrats for taking the plunge and deciding to get BBL! I don't have any personal recommendations for docs, but here is a list of board-certified BBL doctors in Vegas. That should at least get you started. Are you planning on doing the surgery locally, or traveling?

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