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My experience was not good with belotero. I had it...

My experience was not good with belotero. I had it because it was suppose to give a smoother look then the other fillers. I ended up looking worse with a big blue puffy bag. The doctor injected too much and too superficial because I also had the tyndall effect which I thought this filler was suppose to not have. I just had it dissolved yesterday and will refill with something else.


I am sorry you did not have a good experience with Belotero. In my experience It is a far superior product for the under-eye hollow with much less Tyndall effect. Occasionally patients can have bunching of this or any filler with movement of the under-eye muscle. Most patients get a good result with keeping injections sessions and amount of filler to a minimum and dissolving only when necessary. If I can be of any assistance, please call my office number at: 702-732-9600
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I know problems can happen from filler as everyone does react differently to them. But after waitng a few weeks and knowing it wasn't normal swelling, I think more should have been done to get me in then just saying the soonest I would be seen was 2-3 weeks. It's not like you can just cover up something like that while you wait.

Huh, that is weird. I was under the impression one of the main advantages to Belotero was to not have the tyndal effect as well. What did the doctor say when you guys noticed the bluish color?

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