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Years After Accutane (Took It when I Was 16) - Las Vegas, NV

So I took accutane when I was 16. Tried other...

So I took accutane when I was 16. Tried other things like retin a and antibotics but nothing worked. I didn't have it severe on my face but had it bad on my upper back and shoulders my derm decided accutane. I didn't know much about the side effects but I would have done anything at that point. My face was so oily that my acne was definitely getting worse on there. Accutane was the only thing that could have stopped the oil from over producing.

The IB was so bad. My derm started me on 40 for 3 months then went up to 60 the last 3 months. I felt even that was kind of a low dose from what I hear from other who less than me and took higher. I had to get blood test once a month to watch my liver function. Lips got so dry they cracked and bleed even with aquaphor. My skin started to clear up about month 3.

People definitely noticed. I would always become bashful and shy when they said that. Because I was so shy when I was young. My skin cleared great after treatment with red marks left which cleared a few months after. My face was left with no scars but my shoulders have some scars on them but very liveable and they fade with time.

My only issue though is did anyone find that they scar easily years after accutane and more prone to redmarks?other than that my experience with accutane was enjoyable.

Can accutane make you permanently prone to scarring?

I struggled with acne for most of late teen years to my 20s.I tried everything paid lots of money for doctors that just gave me creams facials etc..Finally when I was 29 a dr gave me acutane!The end results were so worth it!I just wish a dr would of gave me this many years ago,now I have scarring to deal with.I totally recommend acutane for acne!
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