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I Should Have Never Done It. - Washington

In July 2012 I had ArtFill injected around my...

In July 2012 I had ArtFill injected around my mouth, and a supposed required touch up in October to make the necessary difference to bring the full improvement.

It has now been six months since the first injections and there has been no change what so ever. If anything my upper lip appears to be sunken it. I'm on a fixed income so the $2800.00 (4 vials) was a hardship. Would that I had never done it.

Please don't use this product. You will be throwing your money away. I wish I had been warned.


Curious if your results improved , was their a high pressure consultant in the office when you did this?
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That would be a major bummer to not see any change after all of that.

When you mention you had it injected around your mouth, do you mean like actually in the lips, or was it in either the nasolabial folds or the marionette lines?

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Margaret Larson

On line.

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