36 Yrs Old in Lancaster PA ( Under Bite Class 3 Jaw Lock when Wide Yawn ) Lancaster, PA

29 july 2014 I m got bracess done only on the top...

29 july 2014 I m got bracess done only on the top by LOA Dr. howard
2 august 2014 been consult by conetoga maxiology jaw surgery Doctor jefferson advice for upper jaw.. but how my profile of long chin it will be change... i hate my chin my friend call me a witch chin .
any one give me idea ... oh doctor says lower jaw surgery they dont do much now cos risky about when u get older.. it cos u to hard breathing .

plss help me with idea
who done surgery before about under bite

Thank you so much
Hi there, my son just finished the jaw surgery 15JULY, which he was under-bite, (he was in cleft palate issue), he not simply do the under-jaw to move backward, also have to do the upper jaw outward (because his distance quite big). However, I would like to ask about your so call Class 3 Jaw Lock when Wide Yawn.... whats your further problem?
Hello, and welcome to the community :).  I think you may wish to try asking the doctors here on RealSelf for advice in your situation.  If you post a question to the doctors' Q&A forum, along with very good photos that show everything (like you've done here in your review) they may be able to give you some advice.  Here is the link to ask a question there.
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