1 Month After Upper Eye Lid - Swelling Normal?

Today is 1 month since I had upper eyelid surgery....

Today is 1 month since I had upper eyelid surgery. The scars are healing nice, and I have not had any problems during recovery. I have been back to normal activity since the 2nd week of the procedure and feel great.

My friends and I all agree that they can't see a change in my eyes and that my eyes still look like they did previous to the upper eyelid procedure. The only apparent change is when I raise my eye brows /open eyes wide, then you can see a difference.

I am undecided whether or not this procedure has worked for me. I have hope and believe in my doctor, but it has been 1 month, and I can't see a difference.

Could I still have swelling 1 month after surgery? The Dr said a large chunk was removed, so I don't understand why I am not seeing results. I see the doctor next week and will ask the same question. Any thoughts?
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where did you go and get this done?
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Question:1 month after upper eyelid – swelling normal? Answer: For sure, there is swelling or edema present for at least one month following upper eyelid blepharoplasty. Of course, each case is different. However, with time, the swelling gradually diminishes. I would recommend that you wait at least several months. The surgeon can take a first set of photographs at that time to compare with the preoperative photographs to assess the degree of change or improvement to date. There are several variables that effect post-op swelling. Each person presents with different preoperative findings and techniques may vary from surgeon to surgeon. Healing and the degree of swelling is an individual variable. In short, it is probably too early to adequately assess your ultimate results.
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