I Can See That my Face is Looking Slimmer but the Lumps Are Very Noticeable

I was very unhappy with my look i wouldnt take...

i was very unhappy with my look i wouldnt take pictures and i was always disapointed in my look i would take pictures from a distance so u cant see the double chin.

I had Lipo under my chin a week ago the brusing is going away but im councern with the large lumps under my chin how can i treat them so they can dissapear ASAP
Steve Burros

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This other doctor is right it normally takes about 7 months for lipo results to be fully seen. It takes awhile for all the fluid to drain, swelling to go away, skin to reattach itself to the muscle and for the skin to shrink to the smaller size. How do you feel about your procedure now that time has passed? Have the lumps gone away?
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Question: I can see that my face is looking slimmer but the lumps are very noticeable. Answer: Liposuction of the neck including the submental region under the chin usually produces some bruising and swelling. One week is too soon to judge ultimate results. The “lumps” may be due to swelling. It may also be due to small collections of fluid. If there are large collections of fluid, aspiration of the fluid may be desirable. Small collections will resorb with time. I find that there are improvements in the contour of the neck following liposuction of the neck for at least six months. Certainly, your concerns should be addressed by your treating surgeon.
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Thank You.. So the swelling and the large collection of fluid will take about 6 month or so? My surgent didn't say that he told me a couple of weeks thats why I have been worried... He recommend arnica pills to take that to help the swelling and the brusing. I have and at the same time I have been doing arnica tea with alvera my brussing went away real fast.. IM worried for the left side of my chin its suck in the right looks normal.. is that normal? I have a dent..
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