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I am really wanting eyebag removal surgery, been...

i am really wanting eyebag removal surgery, been on the cards for about 8 years but really want to do it now before i hit 50.. was hoping to get some feed back of people that have took the plunge and done this, was the results as good as you expected and would you recommend and which clinic/doctor would you recommend and finally how much did it cost.
(ignore the cost i put in the expected cost box it wouldnt let me post till i put something in there)

Thanks in advance :)
Hi I'm from the UK and I travelled to Budapest on Sunday for the op yesterday. The price swung my decision to visit plus outstanding reviews about the Consultant. SO, far, my second day post op and I am more than happy with the result.... thinking I should have had this done sooner. I have suffered very little pain which I have heard from others and I confirm that it is true! The Clinic, Consultant and his staff have been extremely helpful and staying in a hotel just around the corner can pop by and see them anytime. Hope this helps, :)

Hi fewtweaks, thanks for posting.  I hope you find the info you are looking for and continue to keep us updated on your journey. 

This link will take you to the Doctor Q&A for eyelid surgery, which is a great place to learn:


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